1Q: What should I expect if I have never had a massage before?
A: You will complete a health history form, discuss your questions and concerns, undress to your comfort level, be told how to lie on the massage table, discuss areas to be massaged, soft music will be played, massage lotion is used to create gliding strokes, your massage should be comfortable and not painful, communicate with the massage therapist if you have any questions, you may feel sleepy, lightheaded and very relaxed after your massage, and you will want to drink plenty of water to flush your system.
2Q: Why do you need to know my health history?
A: It is important to know your health history and medications you take to determine the proper type of massage techniques that are necessary for your body. Some health conditions are contraindicated for massage or some of the massage techniques used. This is not to say you could not have another service performed at that time.