Meet the Team

"Amy Casale is a visionary businesswoman who creates an atmosphere of joy in her business. She continuously finds new ways to create a setting that brings calm to people as soon as they walk through the door. By providing a beautiful location with talented staff, Amy has served thousands of individuals. People comment how they feel comfortable in her presence and notice how she genuinely cares about her clients. The extra touches that Amy provides are what keep people coming back for services, on their own, with family and friends or even with their co-workers. When you meet Amy, you know you are valued and appreciated"
Amy Casale

Christine Hansen

Having worked at Time For Me for nine years, Christine continues to be versed in all of the services offered. She especially loves Swedish, pregnancy and hot stone massages. Along the lines of her specialties, Christine offers Reflexology as well. Christine recognizes the rewards of being a massage therapist and still feels as strong about her field as she did nine years ago. Christine also continues to be an asset by keeping the front desk organized and scheduling your appointments. She feels nothing is more powerful in this world than the power of touch. She claims, “Touch has memory”!

Lindsay Schick

Lindsay received her New York State Massage Therapy license in March of 2014, and she has been with Time For Me since October of 2014. Her areas of special interest include: Hot Stone Therapy, Deep Tissue, Shiastu, and Aromatherapy. She has been certified to provide the Aromatouch Technique through Doterra. Lindsay believes Massage Therapy has profound benefits for overall physical and mental well being. Her approach to massage is organic, with an attentive and caring touch. She uses firm and fluid techniques to help promote not only a sense of relaxation, but also, ensuring an effective treatment based on client needs and wants.

Malissa Delaney

Malissa has been with Time For Me for almost 3 years. She has many years of experience in Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and prenatal massages and is a graduate at Onondaga School of Massage. She really enjoys working with pregnant women and making them as comfortable as possible. Deep tissue massage has been rewarding for Malissa, as well, for she meets the clients expectations to apply deeper work into significant areas.

Renee Bartley

Renee has been with Time For Me for just over a year now but in that short time has seen the benefits that massage offers to clients. She has a desire for clients to leave the spa feeling a weight lifted after their massage, be it muscular tension release or otherwise. Massage has the power to release issues we don’t even realize we are holding on to. She specializes in Swedish, Deep tissue, and Tension Scalp Relief.